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What Makes a Great Coach?

What makes a great coach? A great coach is the person who can encourage your child to push themselves to do amazing things. It’s the person who helps your child develop their own self confidence without needing someone or something else.

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Who Hates Change? EVERYONE!

We, as humans, don’t always like change because we like staying in our comfort zones, especially when it comes to our kids. With kids, consistency is important. We want to provide as much consistency as possible. Just as consistency is important, being able to adapt to change around us is equally important.

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Doug Bacholz

This week we would like to quote Doug Bacholz. “This year has shown me so many reasons why it’s great to do what I do. It is truly no longer about just good gymnastics in a good gym. It’s about teaching more than sport.” I’ve always talked about building strong confident ladies first and then gymnastics second.

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Staying Strong Over the Break

Utah gymnastics: We have been working hard the past several months and with several students moving into new classes we want to make sure that all of our athletes stay strong with conditioning over the break. Below is a list of exercises that are great for athletes of all ages and skill levels.

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