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About Us

Mountain West Gymnastics Academy is the newest gymnastics training center in Davis County. We believe it’s essential for children to realize they can accomplish hard things. We teach them to push themselves and to never say “I can’t”. We take an active role in helping your child become a future leader for tomorrow.

Our Mission

Our mission is to teach dedication, hard work, discipline, confidence, and leadership through gymnastics training and tumbling. When children leave our Academy, they will be able to face their lives with confidence, knowing they can accomplish the impossible.


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Team Program and Technical Manager
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Meet Crystal


Through training and competing internationally in Russia, Germany, and Canada, Crystal’s dedication earned her one of the highest levels in USA Gymnastics—a level 10 gymnast. Afterwards, Crystal decided to coach. 20 years later, she still helping gymnasts reach their maximum potential.

Crystal graduated from BYU with a BA of Science in Physical Education with an emphasis in Athletic Training.

Everyday, Crystal’s five children teach her how people manage situations differently. They have helped her to teach, guide and adapt to diverse personalities.

On those rare occasions when Crystal isn’t running the gym, or helping her kids out with their homework, Crystal enjoys spending her time at the Utah Gymnastics meets or traveling abroad. Her favorite place in the world is Playa del Carman, Mexico.

Meet Zac


Zac found passion in gymnastics by attending Utah Gymnastics meets with his wife, Crystal. With an Executive MBA from the University of Utah and a Bachelor Degree in Finance and Economics from Utah State University, Zac ensures the business runs smoothly.

When Zac isn’t running the numbers, or running one of his five children around, Zac loves to travel abroad with his family.

Meet Jenny

Office Manager

Jenny started gymnastics at the age of 6. She is a former Level 10 collegiate gymnast who competed at Sacramento State University for four years.

She loves gymnastics and loves working at Mountain West!

Meet Shellie

Preschool Manager

Shellie has seven years of preschool teaching experience. She loves having fun and exploring with the preschool kids.

Her favorite thing about teaching preschool and gymnastics is watching the kids be brave. Preschool kids work hard at gymnastics, learning new skills and working hard to learn the preschool curriculum.

Meet Derick

Team Program and Technical Manager

Derick is the newest addition to the MWGA family. Derick brings over 45 years of gymnastics experience to MWGA. He’s a former collegiate coach, having served as the head coach for the US Air Force Academy in Colordo Springs, Co.  He was named National Elite Coach of the Year after coaching a gymnast to a national all-around champion. Shortly after being names as National Elite Coach of the Year, Derick was named to the USA Gymnastics National Championship Coaching staff. Derick has coached women’s gymnastics from developmental to Elite levels. His knowledge and expertise undoubtely will help your athlete rise to her maximum potential. 

Meet Alie

Design Manager

Alie was a gymnast in Utah for 16 years, reaching level 10 while holding many state, regional and national titles. At the conclusion of Alie’s gymnastics career, she was named to the US Ski Team as a member of the Freestyle Aerials World Cup Team. Alie competed internationally with great success on the world stage leading up to the 2014 Olympic Trials.

She unfortunately injured both of her feet in her olympic pursuit, effectively ending her aerials career. She has been an upper level team coach and manager for 10 years as well as an EMT at the University of Utah. She also holds Trampoline and Tumbling Judging Certifications.

Meet Hannah

Ninja Manager

Hannah has been coaching since she was sixteen. Her favorite part of coaching is helping her students improve and progress in and out of class. She has loved watching the ninja program grow to what it is today. She is currently majoring in psychology at the University of Utah. Her hobbies include tumbling, doing acro-yoga, and shooting her precious recurve bow.

Meet Robin

Little Gym Manager

Robin started gymnastics as a young girl and has always loved it!

She cheered for four years in junior high and high school.

She started teaching gymnastics when she was 16 years old.

She is wife to an awesome husband and mom to five beautiful children.

Meet Bre

Cheer Team Coach

Bre has been coaching gymnastics for four years and is currently a state judge for the high school prep cheer organization. She was also a cheerleader when she was in high school.

She is currently a junior at SLCC and is majoring in Secondary Education.