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Thoughts on Competition

I reminded the girls yesterday, but wanted to let you guys know what I said. There is a new concept to competing this year. This year is not about the scores or winning (the scores are just the cherries on top). This year is about developing the skills. This year is about learning how competition can develop your character.

I was touched last night by a few of the girls in particular who showed amazing character. Though they didn’t place, they held their heads high and smiled and congratulated their teammates. That’s an amazing quality that will help them throughout their lives. I reminded the girls that 20 years from now they won’t remember their scores, but instead they’ll remember the lessons they learned from the competition.

Yes, I have a shadow box of my awards, but I can’t tell you what level or meet they were from. There are only two scores in my years of competition that I even remember or care about. Both of those scores were the times when I knew that I had done everything within my power to do the best routine I could possibly do. One I lucked out and was a perfect score. The other score was perfect to me. I was so proud of that routine, though in the judges eyes it wasn’t perfect. But I knew I did the very best I could and was so proud of that. This is truly what matters most. It’s not always about the scores, but instead who you become through giving it your all each and every meet.

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