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God Bless America

It’s Summer! It’s time to travel & visit new places. I love traveling! I especially love traveling internationally. It is so fun to learn the history of the other countries & see their beauties. I have a deep love for other countries but I am always grateful to come home. We are so blessed here in the United States. There are so many times I’ve taken our “rights & freedoms” for granted. I still remember when I was training in Russia, I was shocked to hear that the girls don’t get to decide if they did Gymnastics or not; the government decided for them. Or when I lived in Brazil & many of the girls my age couldn’t go to college because it wasn’t available to them. We are a blessed country. The fact that you & your child get to make the decision to come to gymnastics is huge. Never take it for granted! Enjoy your freedom & may God continue to bless the USA and all of us that live here!

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