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Who owns Mountain West?

Mountain West Gymnastics Academy is owned by Crystal Nelson. Crystal has over 20 years of gymnastics experience and coaching. She is former Level 10 gymnast and competed and trained internationally, specifically in Russia, Germany, and Canada. She was also a member of the Alabama State gymnastics team. She holds a Bachelor Degree in Physical Education from BYU. She is passionate about gymnastics and looks forward to helping children reach their goals and be successful in life.

What are the goals for the gym?

Our goals for the gym include helping children to be better in life, through implementing gymnastics skills. Gymnastics teaches life characteristics that can help your child be good at anything they attempt. Through gymnastics, children will learn confidence, control, motivation, determination, courage, coordination, and happiness. Children should leave gymnastics feeling they can accomplish hard things. To each child, “hard things” can be virtually anything and doesn’t necessarily mean they have to become an Olympic gymnast to feel this way. We want every child to feel that each time they set a goal and achieve it, they have accomplished a great task. We want each child to be a better person and feel more prepared for the future because of the characteristics they have learned in our program. We know that gymnastics may not be for every child, but there is so much more to learn than just the skills. We look forward to teaching your children how to improve their lives not only through gymnastics, but also by setting goals and accomplishing hard things.

Why do you set goals with the children?

We want each child to feel like they’re progressing and learning harder skills. Each month, our coaches set individual goals with the students to help them work towards their individual progression. We believe identifying and working towards accomplishing goals not only helps students progress in gymnastics but it will also help them progress in life. We believe our children are the future and we want to take an active role in helping them prepare.

Do you offer competitive classes?

Yes, we offer competitive team gymnastics along with recreational and tumbling classes. Please refer to our class schedules for additional details.

What if my child can't make one of his/her scheduled classes?

Make-up classes are available, but only when the office is notified beforehand that the student will be absent. Notice must be given before the class is held. This allows us to fill the student’s space with someone else who needs to make up a class.

Do you offer Open Gym?

Yes, open gym is held every 2nd and 3rd Saturday of the month from 11am-12pm. The purpose of open gym is to enhance class instruction and not to provide free play in the gym. Open gym will now be held every 2nd and 3rd Saturday of the month from 12-2pm. Open gym is $12 for all enrolled / non-enrolled students.

What is the tuition schedule?

Tuition covers one (1) month of lessons. Tuition is due on the 20th of each month for the preceding month’s tuition. There is a $20 late fee for any tuition received after the 25th. Sibling discounts are available.

An annual registration fee of $30 will be paid upon enrollment of each student, and at the anniversary of the student’s enrollment each year. Sibling discounts are available.

Are private lessons available?

Any student at Mountain West can take private lessons in gymnastics or tumbling, with an approved instructor. Private lessons are arranged and scheduled with the office staff. If you are not currently registered in a class at Mountain West, there is a $25 annual registration fee, per student, due before the first private lesson. A registration form must be completed by all students before the first private lesson.

What is the drop policy?

We require a minimum two (2) week, written notice prior to a student dropping from his or her class(es).* Written notice must be handed to the front office staff or emailed. Verbal notices to coaches or via phone will not be accepted. We will not prorate the last month or provide refunds for any dropped classes.

*A withdrawal or a change from a Pre-Team, Gold or Team class requires a four (4) week written notice.

What is the dress code?

Workout apparel for girls consists of a clean, gymnastics leotard.  You can purchase leotards in our office.  Boys should wear clean t-shirts and shorts, without zippers or belts.

  • Jewelry constitutes a safety hazard and is not allowed during class.
  • Girls with long hair must wear it tied back in a ponytail or in braids for safety.
  • No gum or candy is allowed in the gym area.
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