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Thanksgiving Reflection

It’s that time of year to verbally express the things we are grateful for. This month, I want to say thank you to you parents. Thank you for your continued support, especially during the not so perfect times.

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The Rubber Band

This summer, I have been taught so much from the team girls I have worked with. The main lesson I have learned from them is the parable of the rubber band.

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Construction Update

Isn’t construction fun?! Thank you for all your patience with it. I know it’s a pain. I’m done with it. Haha! But once again there is a fun life lesson to learn. We can’t run away from the hard times. Just as with construction, there are ups and downs of life.

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God Bless America

It’s Summer! It’s time to travel & visit new places. I love traveling! I especially love traveling internationally. It is so fun to learn the history of the other countries & see their beauties. I have a deep love for other countries but I am always grateful to come home.

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What Makes a Great Coach?

What makes a great coach? A great coach is the person who can encourage your child to push themselves to do amazing things. It’s the person who helps your child develop their own self confidence without needing someone or something else.

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